Surface Solutions can resurface ceramic wall tile, tile countertops, and the backsplashes. Resurfacing ceramic tile provides a very cost effective, high quality alternative to replacement. Re-tiling can cost thousands of dollars. The cost for us to resurface your tile is a fraction of replacement with a 50%-75% savings.

Ceramic tile must be bid on-site. There are many variables with tile:

1. We look for any loose or broken tiles (which can be repaired).

2. We look at grout lines. If needed, we can spot regrout or do total grouting.

3. We measure for square foot and can give an estimate for a solid color or a "synthetic stone" finish. We have many colors to choose from.


The key to our process is the preparation and the coatings we use. We will create a spray booth within your bathroom/kitchen, covering floors, walls and ceiling to insure no overspray. We also use a powerful system that removes fumes and exhaust dust from your home.


Our spraying system provides a smooth even finish that will transform and rejuvenate your tile to the colors of your choice in just a few hours.

, or tile in 2 days

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, or tile in 2 days

, or tile in 2 days